AOG Courier's Accreditation's

Making sure we deliver, each and every time

"We deliver on your promise."

AEOAEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that our role in the international supply chain is secure, and that our customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.

It isn’t mandatory, but it gives us quicker access to certain simplified customs procedures and in some cases the right to ‘fast-track’ your shipments through some customs and safety and security procedures.

NQA - ISO 9001ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It is the most widely used QMS standard in the world, with over 1.1 million certificates issued to organizations in 178 countries. ISO 9001 provides a framework and set of principles that ensure a common-sense approach to the management of your organization to consistently satisfy customers and other stakeholders. In simple terms, it provides the basis for effective processes and effective people to deliver an effective product or service time after time.

RHA Transport Trucks carry 85% of the UK’s freight. They are essential to the UK economy - and that must be recognised. We are proud to have a road haulage profession that is efficient, responsive and perhaps the safest in Europe. The RHA aims to ensure it stays that way. Haulage operations are perennial targets for high taxes, more regulation and controls. As a member of the RHA you will not only enjoy the superb range of benefits and services we offer, by swelling our numbers you will be helping us to lead the industry to a better future.